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By Sean Jones: Jermall Charlo was pouring compliments over the head of Canelo Alvarez on Thursday, predicting that the Mexican star will knock out his conqueror Dmitry Bivol in their rematch.

Charlo is pouring it on really thick with the compliments of Canelo, and he might be going a little overboard.

It’s unclear where Jermall came up with the idea that Canelo will KO Bivol in the rematch, as he never came close to hurting him last Saturday night.

Indeed, Canelo looked so exhausted after three rounds that it was all he could do to muster up 20 punches thrown per round. With Canelo’s anemic work rate, he didn’t have a chance of knocking out Bivol or winning a decision without embarrassing the judging crew that worked the fight.

As it was, the set of 115-113 scores turned in by the Nevada judges that worked last Saturday’s Canelo vs. Bivol fight reflected badly on the three, as the fans saw the fight as a 10-2 win for Bivol and not the 7-5 scores turned in. Those scores were out of touch with reality.

All the niceties that Jermall was saying about Canelo (57-2-2, 39 KOs) had more than a few boxing fans saying that the Texas native is literally ‘begging’ for a fight against the Mexican star next year.

Jermall says Canelo will knockout Bivol

“This fight was still interesting because we didn’t know what the judges were thinking whenever Canelo was fighting Bivol, but I never seen Canelo make adjustments,” said Jermall Charlo to Fight Hub TV about Canelo Alvarez’s loss to Dmitry Bivol.

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“He started at 100 speed, and he stayed at 100 speed, and never made adjustments. That’s all it was,” Jermall continued, sounding like one of Canelo’s public relations team rather than someone hoping to fight him in 2023.

It would be a bad idea for Jermall to join in with what the significant number of boxing fans are saying about Canelo in the aftermath of his dismal performance against WBA light heavyweight champion Bivol.

We’ve seen what happens when a fighter gets on Canelo’s wrong side, as they’re arguably frozen out.

“Canelo is still a great champion and one of the best in the world. We got to give him respect; he’s going down as a legend in the sport. Nobody is counting him out,” said Jermall.

“I feel like if they were to fight again, Canelo would probably knock him out,” said a hopeful-sounding Jermall about what Canelo would maybe do in the rematch with Bivol.

If Canelo tries to knockout Bivol, he’s likely going to boil over and wind up on the side of the road like an old car. The Mexican star doesn’t have the stamina to push a fast enough pace to give Bivol any troubles, and if he tries, he’s going to be at risk of gassing again.

“You can’t just doubt Canelo because of that one loss,” said Charlo. “I give him respect. He should jab a little bit more, and get inside the jab,” said Charlo on what Canelo should have done to win.

“Bivol had a little bit of range. He stayed on the outside, and he jabbed. It was an interesting fight. Bivol going down to 168 to fight Canelo? That would be interesting again. It fits for Canelo, but Canelo fought him at 175. I don’t think the weight matters at this point.

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“Yeah, if he goes down to 160,” said Jermall when asked if he’s still interested in fighting Canelo. “We can find a catchweight at 165 or something like that. He’s making weight division, so we don’t know what’s going to happen.

“I’m a 160-lb champion. I focus on Jermall Charlo at the moment. I really don’t about any of that,” said Jermall when asked if Canelo was offered a huge amount of money for a fight against him. “I know some money was offered to him, but he didn’t take it. So you just got to keep moving, this is boxing,” said Charlo.

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